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Rustic Inspired Outdoor Wedding

Ayesha and Richie's adventure with me began a year ago. But their adventure together began many years ago. Ayesha and Richie originally met in middle school (isn't that precious?) and hung out together as friends for a long time. They decided to start dating in their junior year of high school. Ayesha revealed to me that she was Richie's very first girlfriend. How sweet is this?! It's rare these days to find a couple and to be able to serve a couple that found each other in middle school! They continued dating after Ayesha left for college. Then, he followed her to college (can this story get any sweeter? I think not!) They even had a long distance relationship while he finished his Masters for 2 years! Okay, so that is absolute devotion! The best part of this whole story is that they are a very warm couple. They are so kind and loving to each other. That devotion is something most people only aspire to. As their photographer, we had been planning for their big day for over a year. Like any wedding, we had a few bumps in the road. They got through the wedding-planning obstacles just fine and the day was FLAWLESS. And of course, the bride and groom had pre-wedding jitters, but that is par for the course in any wedding I've done. I love the weddings where the bride and groom laugh during their ceremony and have that genuine emotion and connection. Congratulations you guys!

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