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A Very Special Mother-Daughter Story

I do lots of portrait sessions. But this one was very different from any I've done so far. The woman (I will call her Mary) who commissioned me to take her photos wanted to tell me her story before the session. As Mary was telling me her story, I thought how amazing it was and how I had only heard or seen these stories in movies or on T.V. Mary told me the story of when, at only 16, she had a baby girl. The decision was made that the little girl would be put up for adoption. Mary went on to tell me how for years she wondered about her and worried about her. I could only imagine her anguish of giving up her little girl....so that she may have a better start to life. I'm sure it was the ultimate gift, but I know it hurt her tremendously. The amazing part is of this story is that five years ago they were able to find each other and reconnect! They travel to each other's homes and spend time together as a family. On this shoot, I could tell that Mary was filled with so much joy that she was finally getting real photos for the FIRST time of her and her daughter together. I am so honored to have been apart of something that amazing!

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